The Company

Robotcha is robot t-shirt design company. It is the brainchild of Finn and Shawn Hazen. Shawn is a grown-up and Finn is his kid. Finn loves robots, and came up with the name for the company. He also comes up with the ideas for new robot designs. That explains why many of them involve ice cream.
Shawn, Finn, & Cormac Hazen
The Founders

The Shirts

Robotcha shirts are made through Spreadshirt using their amazing flex printing technique. The designs are actually cut out of an opaque, rubbery material and heat-transferred onto the shirts. We also offer shirts with their slightly fuzzy flock printing and some glow-in-the-dark and sparkly ones, too.

L to R:

Once you purchase a design, Spreadshirt will make it and ship it off to you.

More to Come

Robotcha is adding new shirt designs all the time. Other items are in the works too. So check back often, or even better, sign up for our email newsletter below.